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Green chemicals


American Drive-In Cleaners has been overjoyed to serve the Avondale, Riverside and Fairfax areas of Jacksonville for over 23 years. Having inherited his family business, Stephen "Steve” Antzaklis recognized early on that quality was much more important than quantity. Steve has since taken his father’s high standards to a whole new level. He guarantees the workmanship that goes into each aspect of his business to ensure that customers get the best experience, attention to detail and expert care of their items.

Steve has even been called a "magician" when it comes to removing those “impossible” stains. Most services (dry cleaning, wedding dresses, leather, suede, fur and household items) are done in-house and on property.

And on a final note, American Drive-In Cleaners' customers don’t call themselves customers. They are family and Steve and his team love seeing them come in and hearing about their day, their children and grandchildren.


Come in and see why American Drive-In Cleaners is like a best-kept secret.

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