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American Drive-In Cleaners has been overjoyed to serve the Avondale, Riverside and Fairfax areas of Jacksonville for over 23 years. We provide onsite dry cleaning for all of your garments, leathers, suede, fur, household items, uniforms and wedding gowns. Stop by and see us. You'll be happy you did.

Mens button down shorts

American Drive-In Cleaners starts out by listening to any special instructions you provide us. Next, our expert cleaning team will inspect and properly clean each garment. We use the best cleaning systems, detergent and equipment to ensure your garments are returned to you clean, stain-free and like new. Please see our Price List for the list of items we dry clean.

Wedding gown


At American Drive-In Cleaners, we CLEAN YOUR GOWN onsite. We never ship your gown out of town which eliminates the risk of loss, delay or damage to your gown.

Services before and after your wedding day:

  • Pre-wedding gown pressing and finishing – Look your absolute best on your big day!

  • Cleaning and Preservation – we carefully pack and preserve your clean gown.

Leather and Suede jackets


Your leather garments need professional care to keep from cracking or drying. You can trust American Drive-In Cleaners to gently clean and recondition your leather goods. Your leather garments are cleaned in a special solution used only for leather and suede, and finishing is done on equipment designed just for pressing these sensitive garments. If a cleaner does not advertise that they do leather, suede or fur, don’t take your garments to them. They will be ruined. Your leather, suede and fur can last a life-time with proper cleaning and care.